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At Hope Endowment, we owe our continued success to the tireless work of volunteers and the countless contributions from our donors. Because of you, we’ve been helping improve the lives of children in India since 2004. 

Our history is a grassroots organization started by one individual personally providing for three children to one that now supports 120+ children in Dumda. As with all things, history is about the past, our true legacy will be with what we do in the future… there are many more children in need and more work yet to be done.

Molly Philip – Hope Endowment Founder 

Molly Philip, RN, one of Hope Endowment’s founders, plays a crucial role through her local non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. She utilizes the funds raised through this organization here to allow her NGO in India to carry out the daily operations of Hope’s home and school in India. Our partnership with Molly’s local organization and NGO are vital for Hope Endowment to provide for our children’s welfare, and to carry out its philanthropic mission in India. 





We are happy to announce that major construction of the K-12 school is complete. We are excited that Mr. and Mrs. Shenoy have joined our Hope Family. They will oversee the day to day operations of the home. We have added security gates and a full time security guard as well. We have also been able to hire several new teachers to better serve our students. Establishing a school has been the largest project we have undertaken. Thank you to our supporters for allowing us to provide a better life for the children.


2017 has been a very exciting year for us.  The children’s permanent home was completed. The current 4 story structure houses 200+ children. With further expansion, we will have the ability to provide housing for up to 300 children. With completion of the home, we have been able to focus our attention on completing a K-12 School. The highly anticipated school building  will be completed by the end of this year.  Our Board Members Parin Shah, Nitish Sethi, and Molly Philip were able to visit during the different stages of construction. With this expansion, we have been able to increase our staff and teachers to accommodate all of the new children we have been able to take in. This would not be possible without the ongoing support of our donors.



In 2016, a major fundraising effort in California, at the home of Dr. Nimish Kadakia and family, raised sufficient funds to expand the building project to an additional third floor. In June, board members Parin Shah, Nimish Kadakia, and Niraj Patel traveled to Dumda, India to open and dedicate the new home and oversee the relocation of 120 children. The newly built home can house up to 240 children and is scheduled for completion this year. Furthermore, we have begun project planning for a school, to be built adjacent to our existing home. Our 2016 gala, “A New Hope” marks our 6th annual event.


In 2015, we held our 5th annual gala “Unleash the Superhero Inside.” We finalized plans and received approval for construction of our first major building project, the construction of our Hope Endowment home in Dumda, India. We were able to raise sufficient funding to build the first 2 floors of our new home. Construction began at the end of the year and will continue into 2016. We also began the process of consolidating three facilities into one. This allowed us to maximize our resources and have a greater impact.



In 2014, a continued focus for Hope Endowment has been to manage capacity issues, grow the endowment, and maintain operations at all three sites. The endowment balance reached its first milestone of $250K. The search continues to seek partnerships with other children’s homes and entities to fund future locations. Financially, Hope Endowment reached another milestone. With the success of last year’s gala, it has been able to fund more than $1M (USD) to the programs since its grassroots days, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and supporters.


2013 was a transformative year for Hope Endowment. The organization focused its efforts on scaling the organization as well as the facilities that we support in India. The Board expanded with the inclusion of new members and a newly formed Advisory Board. We have also seen significant expansion of the children’s homes in India and are now are able to support an additional 110 children.



We celebrated the graduation of our first high school student, Anish. When Hope Endowment started, we made a simple promise: shelter, educate and nurture a child from youth to adulthood. In 2012, we were able to fulfill this promise to our first high school graduate. We continued our fundraising efforts in 2012 with a Golf Tournament, our 2nd Annual Gala, and 4th Annual Afternoon of Hope. Board members, Nicholas Desai and Niraj Patel, traveled to India to visit the sites, and were amazed by the growth and success of our children.


We purchased land in Dumda in hopes of building a permanent facility. At this location, we put in place temporary housing and a building so that the school could operate while a larger structure was being planned. We held our first annual Hope Endowment gala, “Fire & Ice”, to a resounding success. Later that year, we hosted the third annual “Afternoon of Hope”.



In 2010, Dr. Kadakia and his family established the California chapter of Hope Endowment. They hosted a grand casino night to help grow Hope Endowment. Also that year, Hope advisors Drs. Parin and Mona Shah, along with their children, traveled to India to visit our site in Kerala. The second annual “Afternoon of Hope” was held later that year.


The formalization of Hope Endowment occurred in 2009. Hope Endowment officially became a 501(c)(3) charity. The message quickly spread and resulted in Hope Endowments’ first formal fundraising event at Kiran’s restaurant in Houston, TX. The first annual “Afternoon of HOPE” holiday party was held at the home of Dr. Niraj Patel and family. The purpose of the holiday event was to teach the children of our donors the importance of giving to others.


2006 - 2008

The organization expanded to two new locations in Gujarat, India. We leased property in Rajkot and Dumda to serve children in these locations. The Dumda location is also where the “Tree of Hope” is located – this tree would later become the inspiration for Hope Endowment. The Government of Kerala recognized our home in Kerala as a “Center of Excellence”.


After a chance meeting with Molly Philip, Dr. Niraj Patel was inspired by her story and began to provide support to her grassroots efforts. By combining their efforts, Molly and Niraj expanded upon Molly’s original commitment to these three children. They built a two story structure in Kerala (Cochin) that was designed to house up to 60 children. In addition to providing food and shelter, they expanded their focus to provide education and healthcare for the children as well.



In 2004, Molly Philip, a nurse from Houston, Texas traveled to Kerala, India to visit friends and family. During her trip, she was struck by the number of children living in poverty, malnourished, homeless, and without families. With limited resources, she made a commitment to help in any way possible. She started the Good Shepherd Home and took in three orphaned children, with a commitment to provide food, shelter, and a safe environment for them.

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